Crown Reduction

Crown reduction to shape your trees

Looking for crown reduction services in or around Leeds?

Could you do with professional tree shaping to get your tree looking great or to help the tree grow within its surrounding area? You can rely on Yorkshire Tree Contractors Ltd for a wide range of services.

We will assess the tree and clearly explain our recommendations. We are always happy to give advice for the best solution - whatever your circumstance.

Crown reduction reduces the overall height and width of the crown and is often carried out when a tree has out-grown its situation or to reduce wind effect on vulnerable trees.
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Tree shaping by the experts

For beautifully shaped trees

Crown cleaning 
- removal of dead, dying, diseased and rubbing branches from the crown for health and safety
Dead wooding
- removal of all major and insecure dead wood from the crown
Crown reduction
And much more

We have your tree shaping requirements covered

Yorkshire Tree Contractors Ltd will chip all brushwood and small logs and remove off site, along with larger logs and we’ll leave all areas neat and tidy.

Don’t let a tree’s growth become out of hand, getting professional work on a tree throughout its life can help with how the tree grows.

For free, friendly advice on any tree safety matter or for a free quotation please contact us for an appointment.
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Leave it to the tree shaping experts for crown reduction and much more. Call Yorkshire Tree Contractors Ltd in Leeds on 0113 257 1079
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