Crown Thinning

Crown thinning of a tree

Crown thinning by tree surgeons in Leeds

Crown thinning is a procedure used to prevent the sail effect on the top of the tree by removing branches within the canopy of the tree. It also allows more light and wind to penetrate through. It is a good method for retaining the overall height and width of your tree whilst reducing the crown density and growth rate.

Not sure which technique would be best for your trees? Our tree surgeons are happy to offer their recommendations and advice based on your requirements.
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Crown thinning for great looking trees

Keep your trees looking their best
Crown thinning and more from 
Yorkshire Tree Contractors Ltd

Yorkshire Tree Contractors Ltd can carry out a wide range of pruning for all types and sizes of trees. Whether you require our services on a regular basis to keep your trees growing at their best or perhaps you just require a one-off service, we are happy to help. We offer our services to both domestic and commercial clients across Leeds and the surrounding area.

Regular attention will help to keep your trees in a great condition as well as minimising the risk of them developing problems in the future.

For any enquiries get in touch with us today.
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Get pruning and crown thinning from Yorkshire Tree Contractors Ltd in Leeds. Call us today on 0113 257 1079
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